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Whipped Lemonade Is the New Summer Drink Trend You Need to Try

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By now, we know that TikTok food trends are here to stay. Whether you’re following a tutorial for savory pesto eggs or learning how to properly butter your movie popcorn, the video platform is truly a trove of information for all the foodies out there.

One of the latest recipe obsessions turns out to be a delightful summer drink. If you fondly remember powdered lemonade from your childhood, then you’ll want to try the popular whipped lemonade that’s sweeping the internet!

TikTok user @goldenxclouds shared the recipe for whipped strawberry lemonade, which includes Kool-Aid Strawberry Lemonade and heavy cream or half-and-half mixed together using a milk frother. The end result? A beautiful pink, whipped mixture that’s then spooned on top of a glass of ice-cold lemonade. Add a fresh strawberry for garnish and you have the ultimate poolside sip!

Other TikTok users have added their own twists on the trend. For instance, Marilyn La Jeunesse, who goes by @mtlajeunesse on TikTok, demonstrates a blended version where she uses fresh lemon juice instead of the packaged mix. (Find the full recipe she used here!) It also has Reddi-wip and sweetened condensed milk, so you already know that it’s going to be creamy!

“It’s the perfect way to cool down during a heat wave,” Marilyn tells “It’s one of those drinks you could make with friends when you want to try something different—maybe as a dessert on a hot summer day.”

If you want to explore even more lemonade drinks, be sure to check out our frozen lemonade that has its own secret ingredient: ice cream! For extra fun, any of these recipes can be turned into fruity cocktails. We’re thinking coconut rum for a tropical taste!