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What is a microplane and how do you use one?

Everyone loves fresh garlic. But when was the last time you enjoyed the tedium of peeling and mincing a tiny, sticky clove of fresh garlic? 
How about skipped the garlic in a recipe altogether or went with a dash of garlic powder instead? 
What if I told you that taking down the real stuff doesn’t have to be a chore? 
Enter the Microplane: A game-changing and under-appreciated kitchen tool. This one wand of a gadget can finely mince garlic and fresh ginger, zest colorful citrus, and powder whole spices. 

A Microplane is an inexpensive, easy-to-find tool that’s in every professional chef’s knife bag, but sadly missing from most home kitchens. 
I say it’s time to right that wrong. Here’s why every kitchen, including your own, needs a Microplane ASAP.

What is a Microplane?

Technically speaking, Microplane is a brand name. Like Kleenex for tissues or Chapstick for lip balm, it’s become synonymous with the tool itself.

Other names for this gadget include rasp, zester and grater. Whatever you call it, a Microplane is a long, narrow tool with a stainless-steel grater and a plastic handle for grip.

The grates are extra sharp and extra fine, which makes the Microplane ideal for shaving light, powdery cheese and garlic pastes.

While there are other small handled graters on the market, the best across the board is the original. Hailing from Canada over 25 years ago, Microplane was invented by a cake baker who turned to her husband’s toolbox for help zesting oranges.

The wood Microplane she found was far sharper than the box grater she was wrestling with in the kitchen. And as they say, the rest is history.

These days, you can find Microplanes in nearly every color to match any mood or kitchen decor. From lime green to bubblegum pink, these tools are as affordable as they are useful, so there’s no reason not to have one (or more) in your kitchen drawer.