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What food is RI famous for? Here’s the answer

From Del’s Lemonade (a sweet, frozen treat whose cup logo is iconic) to cabinets (milk, ice cream and flavored syrup), every meal starts with a beverage.

Del’s Lemonade

Del’s Lemonadeis like an Italian ice only so much better. It has tons of flavor and it’s not as icy. Find them at pushcarts around town.

Clam Cakes

Pair one with a helping of clam cakes, a fritter made with chopped clams, clam juice and a flour-based mixture.

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They are deep fried, and the best ones are light and airy but most are on the heavy side but oh so yummy. Kenyon’s is the local name in the clam cake mix game. Enjoy them at Iggy’s Doughboys & Chowder House, 889 Oakland Beach Ave., Warwick, (401) 737-9459.

Coffee milk and cabinets

Both coffee milk and coffee cabinets use coffee syrup for flavoring. You can buy some artisanal syrup at Dave’s Coffee, 341 South Main St., Providence, (401) 322-0006.

Delekta’s Corner Store, 496 Main St., Warren, (401) 245-6767, make great cabinets

Olneyville New York System’s Hot Wiener

What goes with coffee milk best? A hot wiener.

The meat is a mix of pork, beef and veal that has been smoked. Instead of being formed in a machine with no casing on them, these arrive in a natural casing on a continuous rope that’s about 20 feet long and must be cut into bun size at the restaurant by hand.