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Try out these 5 healthy beverages that can keep you hydrated during the monsoon

It is important to keep yourself hydrated, not just to quench your thirst but to make sure you’re energized and active throughout the day. But when it comes to the monsoon season, hydration isn’t the first thing that comes to our minds. The excessive humidity causes an increase in the absolute moisture content of the air locally.

In this high humidity condition, we tend to sweat more and this makes us believe that there’s enough water in our bodies. But, this has turned out to be the biggest monsoon myth ever! Therefore, to deal with the weather and to ward off seasonal infections, staying hydrated is a must. 

While water is the best drink to keep yourself hydrated, here are few more drinks that will help to boost your immunity and eliminate seasonal sickness: 

1. Apple, clove, and cinnamon

The drink packs in a huge amount of flavour from cinnamon and clove. Along with that, the subtle sweetness of the apple is perfect for a rainy day. Not only is it high on taste, but also rich in flavonoids, polyphenols, iron, and antioxidants that protect you from heart disorders and strengthen your immunity. No wonder, this drink is first on our list of monsoon drinks!

2. Nimbu pani with mint

The high humidity in the weather can be troublesome, and can lead to loss of huge amounts of water in the form of sweating from your body. That’s why you need to balance your electrolyte levels. Turns out, nimbu pani is the best way to go about it! Nimbu and mint can relieve constipation and remove toxins. The potassium content in lemonade can maintain cholesterol levels. Plus, because it is loaded with vitamin C — it can help in breaking down fat plus it works well for your skin

a glass of orange juice next to a cup of water: hydrating drinks for monsoon

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hydrating drinks for monsoon

3. Fruit smoothie

Fruits are a rich source of nutrition, since they are packed with minerals and vitamins. Eating fruits is a healthy option during the monsoon season. You can also make a smoothie using a variety of fruits like strawberries, kiwi, or mangoes, whatever you like. A fruit smoothie can keep you energized and full for a long time. 

4. Badam ka kahwa

There are many kahwa recipes out there. But badam ka kahwa is a great preparation that can be made with almonds. The dry fruit is a natural source of many essential nutrients, including protein and healthy fats. Badam ka kahwa is surely something that keeps you warm during the breezy weather. Therefore, it can help you keep going throughout the day. 

To prepare: Boil water and add cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, and kesar. Gently simmer it for three minutes, and add honey and green tea bags. Remove tea bags and add almond slivers, and pour this hot refreshing tea. 

a close up of a coffee cup: Coconut water

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Coconut water

5. Coconut water

Coconut water or nariyal pani boasts 95 percent water content. Given its low-calorie count and high nutrition quotient, coconut water is the best hydrating drink, especially during the humid weather. It is a healthier substitute for sodas and colas. Nariyal pani has a sweet taste and rich potassium content. It is also a pitta pacifying drink.

So, make sure to remain hydrated enough during the rainy season as well.