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Tragic Details About Dream

The idea of getting doxxed is scary enough for any person who streams. Just imagine how much worse it would be for someone who has gone through great efforts to protect their identity.

It seemed safe enough; Dream shared a photo of his kitchen on social media, and apparently that was all it took for the craftiest of internet dwellers to uncover his home address. While the image in question has since been deleted, along with the account under which it was posted, the incident was documented by concerned fans on Twitter. Luckily, he managed to avoid having any other personal details slip through the cracks, though it’s scary to think how little was needed to dig up such sensitive information. The Twitter account that originally posted Dream’s home address has reportedly been deactivated.

After his doxxing incident, Dream made a statement on TwitLonger to explain what happened. Allegedly, his location was found “by a group of individuals in an attempt to harass and ‘expose’ [him].” Dream also revealed these individuals uncovered more than just his home address. “This group of people attempted to release information about my family, about me, and about my friends,” said Dream.

This whole occurrence had to have been pretty upsetting, and there’s a good chance it’s still on his mind. Dream has already taken extra measures to keep his personal life private, but now he has to do even more to make sure eager viewers don’t find him in real life.