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Toss, Slice, and Chop Salad Ingredients With This One Simple Tool

Whether you’re eyeing it as a main dish or as a side, the beauty of a good salad is that all of your favorite ingredients can be combined into one convenient bowl. But, that simplicity can turn into a hassle when you have to get out multiple cutting boards, bowls, and plates to prep different vegetables, proteins, and greens. You can cut down on all of that extra kitchenware with these multi-function salad scissors that aim to take some of the headache out of your next meal.

There’s a reason why this kitchen tool has been popular on social media platforms like TikTok. The gadget takes scissors, one of the unsung heroes of the kitchen, and utilizes the ergonomic design for easy salad prep. It does this by using stainless steel blades with serrated edges to chop fruits and vegetables directly in the bowl, making prep work as easy as possible. You can also use the tool to slice tomatoes and hard-boiled eggs evenly. After chopping up all your salad ingredients, the tool can be used as tongs to give your salad one final toss before you’re ready to serve.

The whole thing is intuitive to use and easy to handle—all you’re really doing is squeezing. Once you’re done, you can lock the blades shut and safely store the product away in your utensil drawer. You can also use this accessory for salsas and when chopping fresh herbs. Or use the tool on premade salads to chop everything down to your preferred perfect size.

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