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Top Chef ‘s Kristen Kish and Wife Bianca Dusic Give a Tour of Their Minimalist Connecticut Home


Kristen Kish has found that compromise is the key to building a home with her wife Bianca Dusic.

The newlyweds found “middle ground” while designing their new Connecticut house, with some help from AllModern. “I’d define my style as non-existent!” she told the home furnishing brand.

“Bianca, on the other hand, is more into texture and pattern,” Kish continued. “I lean towards minimalism (a.k.a. not very homey). We agreed to find a middle ground as our starting point and, over time, we will add more. If I tiptoe into it, it feels less jarring!”

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The Top Chef winner, 37, wrote on her Instagram Story that the dining room is “one of our favorite places” and a room where she enjoyed “exploring colors.” One of Kish’s favorite pieces in the room is the Cassie Upholstered Steel Arm Chair, featuring green woven linen and faux leather with a gold frame, which they use as accent chairs. “They’re the most ‘unlike’ me, but I surprised myself that I love them so much, and I love when that happens,” she said.

Other standout pieces from their decor session with AllModern include the Eloise Dining Table, which she said is “solid without feeling bulky and has a great metal trim detail.”




Kish added that she and Dusic, the vice president of food & beverage at Standard Hotels, had no previous experience with interior design. “We both have experience with restaurants – way more than homes – which is a whole other ballgame,” Kish explained. “Bianca has an eye and can see the big picture but I, on the other hand, need to back into it. Bianca has been very patient with me!”

With a busy production schedule on TruTV’s Fast Foodies and a restaurant to oversee (The Line Hotel’s Arlo Grey in Austin, Texas), she wanted “efficiency” to be part of their home’s design.

“The way I want my home set up is just like a kitchen – everything has its place,” she said. “Things are placed where they need to go as I develop muscle memories. I want my home to make sense and not just look nice. I don’t like clutter and I like everything to make sense in my brain. I like neutral hues – where over time new pieces or art can be swapped out, added, or taken away and the home base is the blank canvas. This leaves room for growth and my ever-changing want for change.”

kristen kish/ instagram

The couple looks forward to entertaining friends and family in their chic, yet warm abode. “We really wanted more space for friends and family,” Kish said. “As much as our home is for just us, knowing we can have guests makes it a home to share with those we love.”

Kish tied the knot with Dusic in April during a backyard ceremony. “Threw on some nice clothes (my favorite blazer), headed to our backyard with our own written vows in hand, had our family with us (virtually), got all sappy,” she wrote on Instagram at the time, “and WE DID THE DAMN THING.”