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Fruit Truck ‘a-peels’ to fruit lovers with fresh, bulk orders | Food & Drink

“We try not to keep a middle man. We don’t want to send it to market and then to the customer,” Watson said. “The people who started this were frustrated with raised prices and the quality that goes bad the second it gets to the store. If we take it straight from the orchards to the customers, it’ll be as fresh as it can be.”

As an additional cost-cutting measure, the truck also sells in 10-pound and quarter-bushel quantities. A quarter-bushel of peaches, or 12.5 pounds, costs $30, while 10 pounds of Washington dark red cherries will run for $35.

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bulk ketchup, Crown Royal and plastic lids — Alaska restaurants are facing a shortage of staple items

Jun. 8—A surge of diners returning to restaurants are squeezing food supply chains, with impacts extending all the way to Alaska, where suppliers are short on stock and restaurant owners are scrambling to find ketchup, chicken and other items.

Jerry Purcell, an owner of Sunday’s Caribbean Cuisine in northeast Anchorage, visited three restaurant supply stores on Friday. But even then, he couldn’t find all the right to-go containers.

“Used to be one spot, you get everything,” Purcell said while shopping at Alaska Restaurant Supply in Midtown. “Not anymore.”

Purcell said he couldn’t find the flat plastic lids he needed for

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