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Springfield’s new Chinese restaurant offers authentic cuisine

Springfield has a new Chinese restaurant, and the owners are not short on confidence.

Owners Jiapeng Lu and Yuming Han opened their first restaurant together, Corner 21 Chinese Cuisine, on April 21 at 1369 E. Sunshine St.

Corner 21 is one of the few authentic Chinese restaurants in Springfield, and the owners believe that Han’s cooking ability is what separates their restaurant from the competition.

“What makes our food so good is our chef,” Lu said. “I feel like he’s the best Chinese chef in Missouri.

“Most Chinese food in Springfield is American-made, and our chef is cooking everything authentic.”

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Corner 21 serves 48 dishes, from pork neck bones to stir fry noodles. Two of the more popular dishes are the dried beancurd with chili sauce and the special cumin calamari fried rice.