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Revolutionary New In-Home Drink System, Vitapod Transforms Tap Water into the Perfectly Filtered, Healthy, Great Tasting Beverage | News

NEW YORK, June 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Vitapod, a must-have brand for the whole family, today announced their official launch in the United States. Vitapod is a beautifully designed in-home drink system that transforms tap water into a delicious, healthy beverage via recyclable pods that are blended with vitamins, essential minerals and plant-based antioxidants. All Vitapod beverages are carefully formulated by a board of doctors, pioneers in the field of human health science, for optimal nutrition and hydration.

“Research shows that 90{b7188976447dc8fb76bd10b2098e36eff98c6e9093d21efeb6ac4d47a857c30e} of people don’t get the nutrients they need every day. This means most diets are missing key vitamins and minerals, as well as powerful plant-based antioxidants known as flavonoids, which are essential for optimal health,” states David C. Nieman, DrPH, FACSM and Head of Vitapod’s Scientific Advisory Board. “Now more than ever consumers are taking their health and wellness into their own hands and we have created this high-performance drink machine that produces nourishing drinks that are healthier than water to help them do so. Our goal is to provide consumers with the essential nutrients and daily hydration their bodies need to feel good and function at their best.”

Each Vitapod machine is uniquely engineered to provide:

  • Nutrition: Rigorously formulated by Dr. Nieman, each pod’s purpose is to provide the nutrition that is missing from your daily diet. The full range of pods includes Hydra+, Sports+, Iced Tea+, Energy+, Beauty+ and Immunity+— each with the base formula of vitamins, essential minerals and flavonoids, plus enhanced benefits to help you achieve your goals, whatever they are
  • Advanced Filtration: Ordinary tap water can be full of microplastics and toxins that are harmful to ingest. The multi-pass filtration system means your water is constantly purified, providing cleaner, crisper water than market leading in-home water filters
  • Expert Blending: Purified water combines with vitamins and nutrients in the mixing chamber, which blends everything up to 690 RPMs – faster than the blades of military grade helicopter. It pours the mixture into your glass with the perfect amount of water for optimal taste, leaving none of the powder clumps you get with stick packs
  • Optimal Temperature: When water is too hot or too cold, the human body reacts by slowing down the process of absorption and delaying hydration. Vitapod cools the water to the optimal drinking temperature for hydration (50ºF to 59ºF), minimizing the lag time between consuming a beverage and your body absorbing it
  • Flavor: Normally you have to choose between great taste and health, but you don’t with Vitapod. Get maximum taste and no artificial coloring or sweeteners. With great flavors like Blueberry Pomegranate, Pineapple Coconut and Raspberry Hibiscus, you’ll never want plain water again
  • Viogradableä Technology: Not only is each pod made with 90{b7188976447dc8fb76bd10b2098e36eff98c6e9093d21efeb6ac4d47a857c30e} less plastic than one single-use water bottle, but Vitapod’s Viogradableä Technology pod packaging includes an organic compound that speeds up the biodegrading, reducing waste and helping the planet

Vitapod is available for purchase at Vitapod ( The Vitapod Starter Kit is on sale for launch for $199.99. This includes a Vitapod Machine, Filter, Sample Pack of pods (10 pods) and 18.5 oz. water bottle. 

About Vitapod

Vitapod aims to change the way we drink water, forever. Vitapod has created a revolutionary in-home drink system blending the freshest filtered water with vitamins, minerals and plant-based antioxidants. Vitapod designs everything with their mission in mind: Healthy Family. Healthy Planet. For more information, please visit Vitapod (

Vitapod partnered with Plastic Bank, an organization that works to stop ocean bound plastic and build ethical recycling systems that transform lives and the environment around the world. Vitapod has committed to collecting 50 bottles for every machine sold during year one to stop five million plastic bottles from entering the ocean.



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