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The #1 Best Smoothie for a Flat Belly, Says Dietitian — Eat This Not That

If you ever find yourself looking for a healthy snack option, smoothies are usually a good choice. Most smoothie recipes are quick and easy, and a blend of vegetables, fruits, and dairy products will generally serve to make you feel better refreshed, less bloated, and more ready for the day ahead.

However, some smoothies are better than others in helping you accomplish these missions. Curious what kind of smoothie would be the best? Here’s a recipe recommended by Roberta Duyff, MS, RD, FAND, a food, nutrition consultant, and author.

Duyff recommends making a tropical smoothie for a

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This Strawberry- Rosé Cake Wowed My Girlfriends’ Supper Club

This year, my girlfriends and I are making a conscious effort to spend more time together. Our first step toward doing that was committing to a monthly supper club. February’s gathering, of course, celebrated Galentine’s Day. Since I’ve been working on my baking skills lately (Exhibits A, B, and C), I offered to bring dessert.

For Galentine’s Day, only a pretty and pink dessert would do, and I had been dying for an occasion to make this Strawberry-Rosé Snack Cake for some time. After discovering how easy this one-bowl wonder is, I realized I didn’t need an

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Local chef Tom Berry appeared on ‘Beat Bobby Flay’ — and he did just that

Chef Tom Berry, who’s behind some of Boston’s swankiest restaurants, including Coquette, Yvonne’s, and Lolita, faced off against celebrity chef Bobby Flay on his hit TV show “Beat Bobby Flay.”

And Berry brought home the W.

On the show, which airs on the Food Network every Tuesday at 9 p.m., top chefs face off against each other before advancing to a final round, where they go head-to-head with Flay himself.

Bobby Flay on the set of his show, “Beat Bobby Flay,” during an earlier episode.

In the episode titled “Cliff and the Jet,” which aired last week, Berry beats

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The Best Bed and Breakfast In Every State — Eat This Not That

Bed and breakfasts combine the best of both worlds—relaxing stays at gorgeous locales and hearty, gourmet breakfasts that are made fresh each morning. What could be better?

Lucky for us, there is no shortage of bed and breakfasts in the United States. According to 2015 research provided by the Professional Association of Innkeepers International, there are approximately 17,000 (yes, those are three zeros) bed and breakfasts located throughout the country. More than a third of these have been “historically designated” by historic preservation organizations, meaning that more often than not you will get to stay in a beautiful

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Savvy couple quoted £800 for chic corner seat create it themselves for a fraction of the price using free wood

A COUPLE who were quoted £800 for their dream corner seat, created it themselves for a fraction of the price using free wood.

Matthew Scoby, 28, and his partner Grace Shannon, 27, who live in Middlesbrough, caught the DIY bug when they bought their first house at the start of the pandemic.


Matthew Scoby and Grace Shannon created this chic corner seat for next to nothingCredit:
The couple caught the DIY bug in lockdown


The couple caught the DIY bug in lockdownCredit:
They used reclaim wood that they sourced for free to build the bench


They used reclaim wood that they sourced for free to build the benchCredit:

Matthew, a plant operator

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Surprising Side Effects of Not Eating Fruit, Say Dietitians — Eat This Not That

  1. If your idea of fruit is sugar-coated Froot Loops or a bottle of 5% “real fruit juice,” you’re missing out on an orchard full of good nutrition—vitamins, minerals, fiber, flavonoids, polyphenols, and other unfamiliar-sounding compounds that are actually incredibly good for you. You’re also setting yourself up for some unwelcome side effects when that fruit bowl on your kitchen counter is empty.

Fruit is a sweet treat, which may be why you’re avoiding it—the fructose, you know, natural sugar. Bad. Right? Not at all. Or maybe you’re just not eating fruit because you think it’s too expensive

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