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Olympia bakery wins super sweet energy-efficient makeover

Gotti Sweets’ new AC will feel good around those hot ovens this summer. Sponsored by Puget Sound Energy

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Gotti Sweets is one of four winners of Evening’s Small Business Energy Efficiency Makeover Contest, sponsored by Puget Sound Energy.

If you find yourself in Olympia craving cookies, cupcakes or cake, we know a really sweet spot.

Gotti Sweets is a local bakery. I make everything from scratch and specialize in custom decorated cakes,” said the owner Lauren Rogers.

Lauren has been baking for years creating confections that are edible works of art.

“When people cry when they come and pick up their cakes it’s just the best.”

She bought her business from the original owners. When she did, she also inherited inefficient equipment and high energy bills too.

“I actually had my walk-in cooler go down this year and once that went down I realized that was half of my electric bill.”

Before they can help with both her equipment and her bills, Puget Sound Energy’s small business efficiency team must assess what work needs to be done.

“It’s a small space, but even in a small space there are lots of opportunities to save energy,” said Sarah Cann with PSE. “Things like lighting. Really important in a bakery to show her product. Some things have broken on her that need to be replaced and hauled away. And then we look at things like the heating and cooling we look at the hot water heating. Cosmetically we can help with some of the areas.”

After the assessment, crews begin pulling her old equipment out and replace them with new, more energy-efficient models. They also spent time making sure the front of her bakery was made over, as well.

What they added was the icing on the cake.

“The new case that is raised up and it’s bigger and the window space is bigger. It just really makes you want to have a cupcake or a cookie,” Said Sarah. “There’s a great new three-door freezer inside. It’s beautiful and it’s huge. So she’s got a lot more space to put products in. The new water heater is about 94{b7188976447dc8fb76bd10b2098e36eff98c6e9093d21efeb6ac4d47a857c30e} efficient. The old one was only 80{b7188976447dc8fb76bd10b2098e36eff98c6e9093d21efeb6ac4d47a857c30e} efficient. So there’s a lot of energy savings there too,” explained Sarah. “Most older buildings don’t have great HVAC systems but we’ve replaced this one with a ductless heat pump. Not only is it efficient for heating in the winter but it’s going to give her some great effect cooling in the summer.”

Cool is also how you would describe the cosmetic changes upfront.

“Everything has completely changed,” said Lauren. “The floor is new.
Got new shelving that really helped modernize the front area here. I’ve got a new work surface area for my customers. I am so grateful.”

“I really want, when people come in here, to feel how I feel. The love, the warmth. Everything I put into all my food. I did want this space to reflect me and who I am and my personality and I think it does now.”

Learn more about Puget Sound Energy’s Small Business Energy Efficiency program on their website

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