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Newest Book from Dr. Livingood Tackles Making Food Simple

Copies available at no cost directly from Livingood.

Dr. Livingood has unveiled that his newest book, ‘Make Food Simple’, is now available for free directly from the man himself. ‘Make Food Simple’ includes over 100 recipes that will help readers maintain a healthy and easy-to-execute diet that doesn’t rely on conventional fads like Keto or Paleo, and instead hones in on fundamentals. While still a best-seller on Amazon, this limited offer is designed to help get the book into more hands, so more people can experience real health.

Livingood’s book includes recipes he utilized when his father encountered health difficulties. Despite treatments, Livingood saw his father’s health issues only being covered up by temporary fixes, and sought to identify the root causes within his lifestyle. By dictating some of his father’s lifestyle choices, Dr. Livingood was able to help him return to dancing, biking, and even working after several years of compromised health.

Livingood operates a health clinic in North Carolina, and has been for over a decade now, helping over 200,000 people both online and in person. This book is a means for him to distribute his life-changing advice to people across the country and the world, and his limited time offer is his latest way of doing just that. Those who cover the cost of shipping of Make Food Simple can get the book at no additional cost, which is less than the book is priced at on Amazon.

“I’m thrilled to be able to offer my book to more people, because I really do want to help them improve their health,” said Livingood. “The American healthcare system can be daunting, and many people don’t feel like they have any control over their well-being, so I want to change that. By making the book available for free, I’m trying to help convince people that this isn’t a for-profit scam; I just want them to have real health.”