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Living In A Small Space? Here Are A Few Tips And Tricks To Make Your Home Look Spacious!

We have all grown up fantasizing the house of our dreams, the ones that are straight out of fairytales and Pinterest. The big rooms, fire spaces, chandeliers and the list goes on! Let’s face it, living in crowded cities we may never be able to land on our dream house and its larger than life design! We might just end up with small rooms and tiny kitchens. Does that mean we won’t make a home out of our house? Of course not! Brace yourself because after reading this article, your tiny living room and cluttered bed room is up for a re-decor!

Before jumping straight to the tips, it is essential to understand that every piece of furniture you place acts as an element. If chosen wisely it can make the room look huge and if one makes a wrong choice, the largest of rooms can look tiny and messy. So here are a few tips and tricks that will make the smallest of spaces look extremely spacious!

Mirror On The Wall

a kitchen with a dining room table: mirror one

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mirror one

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As the room has very little free space, placing a mirror means reflecting that space. This creates an optical illusion and makes the room look much bigger. Especially where there is natural light in the room, the mirror reflects it not only filling the room up with brightness but also creating a positive vibe! Be sure to hang the mirror up on the wall, since there is hardly any space to place it on the floor simultaneously posing it as a décor item.

Vertical Plants

a close up of a door: vertical plant one

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vertical plant one

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Who doesn’t like plants in their house? The freshness that a good succulent provides, is beyond any room freshening spray. However, this doesn’t change the fact that the space is already too small and placing pots on the floor will eat up all the space. The hack here is to use vertical garden. These plants will hang on the wall, not taking up any space, making the room look spacious as well as standing out as a refreshing design element! Isn’t this one of the best ideas to carry about a small room interior? Wait till you read more!

Utilize The Corners

a vase of flowers on a table: corner furniture one

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corner furniture one

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A space unused is a space wasted. When we already don’t have space, we certainly can’t afford to waste what little we do have. However, it is almost inevitable to do anything about the corners where two walls merge. Unless, we use the corners for placing a floating piece of furniture. This furniture will take the shape of the wall and since it is floating it wont waste floor space and above all give you a storage unit! Quite a deal don’t you think?

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Use Light Colours

What colour can do to the design of a small room is unbeatable. Using light colours like white, light grey, lemon yellow can make the space look very big. Contrary to this, using darker colours like black, maroon etc make the room look suffocating. A tip here would be to make sure you paint all your walls, at least in the same room, with the same colour. This way the room will look like one big unit.

Drop The Curtains From Ceiling

This is quite an unexplored interior design idea. Instead of having rods for curtains and hanging them from one end of the window to another, hang them all the way from the ceiling. The long flow will make your room look vertically bigger and make it way less claustrophobic then it may otherwise be!

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These are few ways to decorate your small rooms to make them seem huge. Let us know which one worked for you best! Stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such content!