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List: Best value restaurants in Macon, Georgia

There are times when you just need a big meal at a reasonable price that can either feed a family or leave you with plenty of leftovers. Here are some of the best value restaurants in Macon.

Ricky’s Taco Shop

The portion sizes at Ricky’s downtown are where the value comes in. The size of the Ricky’s burrito, which is stuffed with three different meats, rice, beans and more, is like a mini football. It is hard to eat this particular dish in one sitting unless you are sharing it with someone. Ricky’s also offers reasonable prices on tacos and single meat burritos.

Location: 518 Cherry Street


Many thought that Ming’s on Forsyth Road might become a casualty of COVID-19, as the restaurant remained closed well into the latter part of 2020. But once it reopened, lines wrapped around the building to get a taste of some of their locally famous food.

The size of the meals for the price is tough to beat. A large container of General Tso’s chicken with fried rice is around $10 and it is enough for two-to-three meals. The same is true for other items like the sesame chicken or the beef and broccoli. The containers are loaded with food and packed with flavor.

Location: 4650 Forsyth Road

Bone Apple Tea

This place, located at the indoor farmer’s market in the shopping center that once featured Toys-R-Us on Eisenhower, has a little bit of everything — from fish to pasta and just about everything in between, and all of it is worth a try. One of the best values is the loaded fries. There are a few different versions, but the buffalo chicken fries are hard to beat. A large box of fries loaded with chicken costs less than $12. This is great as a shareable appetizer or a full meal for one.

Location: 3640 Eisenhower Parkway

Guitarras Mexican Grill

Guitarras on Tom Hill Senior Boulevard feels like a well-kept secret in Macon. While it might sound basic, the tacos are a must-try here, specifically the chorizo ones. Diners might also opt for one of the combination dinners which offers value in picking two-or-three items for under $10, which includes a side of rice and beans.

Location: 157 Tom Hill Senior Boulevard


The Mongolian beef is worth the price of admission. Mandarin on Riverside is a little more expensive than a few of the other places on the list. But the quality of food paired with the quantity at a reasonable price is hard to top. The food is consistently good and you typically can eat it for a couple of days with the size of the portions.

Location: 3086 Riverside Drive

Jag’s Pizzeria and Pub

This is really about the size of the slices. It’s really a quarter of a pizza. This is a great place to grab a slice for lunch as one piece and a drink will only set you back around $8 or so depending on what kind of pizza you choose. The specialty slices like the Piedmont Pizza are always a good choice or a check-out their pizza of the month.

Location: 1635 Montpelier Avenue


There is nothing over $15 on the menu. The hibachi combination meals are the “most expensive” with most hovering around the $11 mark at this Shurling Drive institution. The portion sizes are basically “you will barely be able to close this to-go container” sized portions.

If you are able to eat it all in one sitting then it might be time to talk with Joey Chesnutt about getting together for the Fourth of July. For the price and sheer amount of food that you get, it might be best value in Macon.

Location: 846 Shurling Drive

Justin Baxley is the fan life reporter at The Telegraph and writes stories centered around entertainment, food and sports in the Macon community. Justin joined the Telegraph staff after graduating from Mercer University in May 2017 with a degree in criminal justice and journalism. During his time at Mercer he served as the sports editor for The Cluster.