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Know Some Amazing Health Benefits Of Kokum Juice

Kokum is a delicious dark coloured fruit generally used to make drinks. It is a popular summer coolant that is easily available in the western states, however, it is not very easily available in the other parts of India. Therefore, we are here to tell you how to make this refreshing summer drink at home.


a group of glass bottles on a table: kokum juice glass

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kokum juice glass

1.Soak the dry kokum in 4 cups of water for 1-2 hours.

2.Mash it nicely and strain the water.

3.Add the leftover Kokum in a pan along with sugar, roasted cumin powder, cardamom powder, black salt and regular salt.

4.Cook on low heat for 6-8 minutes until sugar melts.

5.Add the Kokum water in the pan and bring the mixture to a boil.

6.Cook for another 5 minutes.

7.Remove the pan from heat and let the mixture cool.

6.Strain the mixture and store in a glass bottle in refrigerator.

7.To make the sherbet, pour 3 tbsp. of kokum concentrate and top up with chilled water.


Kokum juice is extremely tasty and at the same time, it has several health benefits as it reduces the production of fatty acids, contains properties like anti – inflammatory and antimicrobial. To know some more benefits of kokum, read ahead.

Good For Skin

Kokum juice is beneficial for skin as it contains anti-inflammatory and ant oxidative properties that are very useful in skincare. Drinking this regularly will make your skin soft, smooth and plump along with reducing any breakage of the skin giving you a healthy and happy skin.

Protects The Liver

a bowl of fruit sitting on top of a green plant: kokum juice fruit

© Provided by Her Zindagi
kokum juice fruit

Kokum juice reduces the levels of heat in the body along with slowing down the oxidative degeneration, thus, protecting your liver from deterioration. Kokum also allows minimum effect of toxic chemicals on your liver if you drink the juice regularly.

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Anti – Inflammatory

Inflammation in body is associated with higher risk of critical diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, arthritis, heart problems and many more. Kokum has anti-inflammatory properties that keeps the body safe from the risk of these diseases.

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Reduces Stress And Anxiety

Due to busy schedule in today’s time, a person can often have high level of anxiety and stress which is harmful for the body in more than one ways. Kokum contains hydroxyl-citric acids that can help in reducing the levels of anxiety and stress, thus, keeping you happy.

Regulates Blood Sugar

a bowl of fruit sitting on a table: kokum juice tray

© Provided by Her Zindagi
kokum juice tray

Diabetes is known to kill the body slowly and if it is combined with high body fat and excessive oxidation, the body starts to worsen faster than normal. Kokum juice can reduce the rate of oxidation along with improving metabolism to protect the body from the ill – effects of kokum.

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