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Keep Your Summer Produce Fresh with These Fun Storage Containers That Really Work

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Whether you are going crazy at farmers’ markets or just trying to eat more fruits and vegetables, storing things properly can make all the difference. Nothing is sadder than a crisper drawer full of melting vegetables or a bowl of bruised berries. So, before you stock up on all the fresh goodies, set yourself up for success by grabbing any or all of the 7 great produce storage containers and sets to help keep it all in peak condition for as long as possible!

Tupperware FridgeSmart Starter Set

I’ve gotten addicted to these containers from Tupperware. They have a slider on the lid to set for different levels of air flow, and handy pictures printed on the sides as a reference for which vegetable or fruit needs which setting. I’ve had cut carrots last three weeks, whole radishes over a month, and berries for 10 days. They really do work as advertised.

Buy it: Tupperware FridgeSmart 4-pc. Starter Set ($94),

Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Saver Food Storage Containers

These Rubbermaid containers have ventilation to help keep things from wilting and getting soggy, and a grid base to keep airflow at the bottom. They come in a variety of sizes for all your produce needs: Start with a bundled starter set and then add pieces as needed.

Buy it: Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Saver Food Storage Containers Set ($38.99),

Lasting Freshness Vacuum Seal Food Storage Container Set

These handy containers from Lasting Freshness add the benefit of vacuum sealing to extend the life of anything you put in them. A little easy-to-use hand pump is included: Just snap on the lid, pump out the air, and you have a container that is a great partner in the battle for freshness!

Buy it: Lasting Freshness 19 Piece Vacuum Seal Food Storage Container Set ($55),

Bluapple Produce Saver Freshness Balls

Not everything can be corralled in a container, so having a way to keep fruits and vegetables last longer in your fridge is to mitigate the ethylene gasses that promote rot. These little apple-shaped balls are filled with packets that absorb those gasses and help keep your produce fresher longer in your fridge.

Buy it: Bluapple Produce Saver Freshness Balls ($19.99),

Prepara Herb Savor Pods

One of the most expensive fresh items we buy is herbs, and they are the ones that can turn on a dime. I have been a fan of these herb pods for years; they keep fresh herbs, scallions, even asparagus fresh at least three times as long as just keeping them in their original packaging or in bags.

Buy it: Prepara Herb Savor Pods 2.0 Set of 3 ($29.95),

Hoan Silicone Food Huggers

Sometimes you aren’t storing a whole piece of fruit or vegetable, but a half. Half an onion, half a lemon, half a tomato… how often these are sacrificed to the bin after a day. These silicone food huggers attach directly to the piece you are trying to store, to help keep it fresh for days!

Buy it: Hoan Silicone Food Huggers Set of 4 ($7.20),

Debbie Meyer GreenBags

Finally, one of the easiest ways to extend the life of your fresh produce is to simply store in these reusable green bags. They might be an “As Seen on TV” type of product, but they actually do work.

Buy it: Debbie Meyer GreenBags 20 Pack ($9.88),