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In New Video, Crimson Cup Founder and President Greg Ubert Reveals Seven Steps to Coffee Shop Success | News

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Sept. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Thinking about opening a coffee shop? Then get to know Greg Ubert, founder and president of award-winning coffee roaster Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea.

In a new video, the author of Seven Steps to Success: a Common-Sense Guide to Succeed in Specialty Coffee, reveals secrets from the book, which has become a road map to success for over 300 coffee businesses in 30 states.

“I wrote this book because I found entrepreneurs needed a proven process for opening and running a coffeehouse in their local communities,” Ubert said. “I saw too many small business owners make critical errors in their businesses.”

“As a coffee roaster, we want our customers to be really successful,” he added. “Our philosophy is that Crimson Cup succeeds only when our customers do.”

The book forms the basis of Crimson Cup’s 7 Steps to Success coffee shop startup program.

Together, the book and program give coffee shop owners a proven system for success in every area of the business. The steps include:

1.    Choose a high-traffic location

2.    Set up your space for labor-efficient service

3.    Source the right products and equipment

4.    Use grassroots marketing to beat the coffee giants at their own game

5.    Train employees for maximum productivity

6.    Create a welcoming culture that delivers exceptional customer service

7.    Present a clean, attractive store

“The book also includes a coffee shop business plan,” Ubert said. “We don’t expect future business owners to be accountants, but we want them to know the numbers. That’s extremely important if you want to make a profit!”

“This book has helped over three hundred coffee houses open up in a successful way so that they can feel strongly about their business and give back to the community.”

7 Steps coffee shop startup consultants walk new coffee shop owners through every step.

As each new shop nears completion, a 7 Steps Trainer arrives on site to show owners and staff how to prepare drinks and run the coffee shop. After several days of hands-on training in the new shop, the trainer stays on to ensure that opening day goes well.

After opening 5 Bean Coffee in Reynoldsburg, Ohio in 2008, Tracy Heitmeyer is living her dream life.

“Without Crimson Cup’s help, I would never have been able to set up my shop as efficiently,” she said. “Frankly, I am not sure if I would have stayed in business.”

After 13 years of success, Heitmeyer now works a single weekly shift. “I enjoy the freedom from the daily grind,” she said. “The shop has provided for me financially and keeps my heart happy!”

Ubert said the 7 Steps program has all the benefits of a coffee shop franchise, but not the expensive franchise fees, royalties or loss of control.

“We set up new business owners like Tracy for long-term success,” Ubert said. “Unlike franchises, however, we don’t make customers sign long-term contracts.

He noted that coffee shop owners don’t even have to buy Crimson Cup coffee, though most build their business on the roaster’s award-winning coffee, powders, syrups and proven drink recipes.

“Look at our Yelp, Google and Facebook reviews,” Heitmeyer said. “They always say the drinks are better than the corporate chains, more balanced and not bitter, and the prices are better.”

Coffee shop owners also benefit from Crimson Cup’s continual product improvements, training updates and ongoing support.

“Rather than resting in the comfort of our success, we are constantly setting the bar higher and higher for ourselves,” Ubert said.

7 Steps coffee shop startup consultants are always just a phone call away to help owners grow their business.

“Our true joy at Crimson Cup comes from seeing independent business owners having fun while making sure their long, hard hours translate into profit,” Ubert said.

“We appreciate you taking time to review the Seven Steps to Success and determine whether it’s right for you,” he concluded.

“Wherever your journey takes you, we wish you the best. And, if it’s with us, we’d be humbled to work with you.”

About Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea

Columbus, Ohio coffee roaster Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea is celebrating 30 years of Coffee + Community. Since May 1991, Crimson Cup has roasted sustainably sourced craft coffee for consumers and wholesale coffee customers. It is a 2020 Good Food Award winner, 2019 Golden Bear Champion for Small Franchise/Chain Roaster and Roast magazine’s 2016 Macro Roaster of the Year.

Through its 7 Steps to Success coffee franchise alternative program, the company teaches entrepreneurs to run independent coffee houses in their local communities. By developing a coffee shop business plan, entrepreneurs gain insight into how much it costs to open a coffee shop.

Crimson Cup also supports life-enriching projects through its Friend2Farme r™ initiatives, promoting the education, health, sustainability and economic growth of small-plot coffee farmers and their communities.

Crimson Cup coffee is available through over 350 independent coffee houses, grocers, college and universities, restaurants and food service operations across 30 states, Guam and Bangladesh. The company also operates several Crimson Cup Coffee Houses and a new Crimson retail flagship store. To learn more, visit, or follow the company on Facebook and Instagram.

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Cheryl Claypoole, Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea, 614-361-5023, [email protected]


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