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Iced Irish coffee cocktail recipe with a cheeky whiskey kick!

Ireland has been enjoying some really good summer weather (for a change) and what better hot weather drink could there be than iced coffee… this time with a particularly Irish kick! 

As the weather starts to heat up again, there’s nothing better than an iced coffee to save the day. But, how about a twist? 

Coffee Friend has put together a recipe to really tickle the taste buds and make the most of your coffee in the heat at home, a cool take on the classic Irish coffee.

Oh, happy sunny days!! Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Iced Irish coffee recipe


– 200 ml hot coffee

– One tablespoon hazelnut syrup

– Splash of Irish whiskey

– 2 tablespoons of whipping/heavy cream

– Eight cubes of ice

– Glass cup or a glass

– A bowl


– Make the coffee as normal and put to one side for a couple of minutes. 

– Add four cubes of ice into a glass and stir once or twice with a long-handled spoon if you have one to help cool the glass. Add the hazelnut syrup and Irish whisky/extract, stir once more. Now the coffee is no longer boiling hot, add to the glass and mix.

– Once the ice has dissolved, add the remaining four cubes of ice to keep cool

– Whisk the heavy cream in a bowl until foamy, but not too thick. Let the cream drip down the whisk to form the top layer of the Irish coffee.