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Hey Clark County, chill out with cool summer concoctions

A dash of spice

The Great North (602 N. Devine Road; 360-217-9005) offers a horchata cold brew. For this drink, cold brew concentrate is added to horchata that’s housemade with rice, cinnamon, almonds, vanilla, star anise and demerara sugar. It’s a nice mix of bitter and creamy, with a dash of spice from the cinnamon and star anise, and just a bit of sweetness from the sugar and vanilla.

Star anise is an unusual addition to horchata.

“We started with just sweetening with our housemade simple syrup, but I thought it needed just a little something more to add some depth to the drink,” said Dayna Salomón, Great North’s manager. “We always like to keep things in house, so I looked at our lineup of syrups to see if we could use something we already had on hand that could add some dimension. A touch of our housemade star anise syrup provided the perfect complement to the existing recipe.”

After developing the horchata, Salomón found that mixing it with a concentrate of Coava cold brew made the drink really shine.


Compass Coffee (817 Washington St.; 888-723-2007) recently released a summer drink menu with three new iced beverages. The Easy Breezy is an iced Americano topped with a cloud of sweet and salty foam. The foam is made by whipping heavy cream, whole milk and Compass’ own vanilla syrup sprinkled with a bit of sea salt. The result is an irresistible mix of sweet and salty — a coffee shop version of a chocolate-covered pretzel filled with caramel.

Andrew Chumbley, Compass’ specialty program director, creates all the seasonal beverages. The Easy Breezy is based on a drink he had at Maru Coffee in Los Angeles. When he returned home from that trip, he experimented with different ingredients to recreate the slightly sweet foam that inspired the Easy Breezy. After a few attempts, Chumbley struck the right mix of ingredients.