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Great Falls Clinic plans fundraiser to help outfit patient housing facility

GREAT FALLS — The Great Falls Clinic Legacy Foundation is asking for help from the community to outfit its new patient housing facility’s communal kitchen.

Great Falls Clinic plans fundraiser to help outfit patient housing facility

The Foundation works to help patients and families around the state get the treatment they need at the Great Falls Clinic. To do this, the Legacy Foundation is opening their Harold & Carmen Poulsen Legacy Housing Facility, with 12 rooms for out-of-town patients and their families.

The patient housing facility will have many amenities, including a communal kitchen area. To supply the kitchen with proper equipment and utensils, the Legacy Foundation is hosting a virtual Pampered Chef event from Monday, June 21st, to Monday, June 28th.

By going to their interactive catalog, donors can purchase Pampered Chef products for the housing facility and the patients who will stay there.

“You can go onto the website, the Pampered Chef website, both from our Facebook page, but also from our own website and access the Pampered Chef, and these are all items we’re going to be needing within our facility. We have a common kitchen area that folks can use and right now, the selves are bare,” said Grant Bebee, the fundraising manager for the Great Falls Clinic Legacy Foundation.

The Harold & Carmen Poulsen Legacy Housing Facility at the Great Falls Clinic is expected to officially open for temporary patient residents in August 2021.

Click here for a list of items that are available.

Click here to visit the Legacy Foundation website.