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Fruit Truck ‘a-peels’ to fruit lovers with fresh, bulk orders | Food & Drink

“We try not to keep a middle man. We don’t want to send it to market and then to the customer,” Watson said. “The people who started this were frustrated with raised prices and the quality that goes bad the second it gets to the store. If we take it straight from the orchards to the customers, it’ll be as fresh as it can be.”

As an additional cost-cutting measure, the truck also sells in 10-pound and quarter-bushel quantities. A quarter-bushel of peaches, or 12.5 pounds, costs $30, while 10 pounds of Washington dark red cherries will run for $35. While these amounts may seem bananas, decreasing the size would entail breaking down the larger flats and dispersing them into smaller packages. This would require different licensing, USDA-certified facilities and more packaging material. 

It would also lead to higher prices and a significant delay in delivery.

“We have had a couple say, ‘Oh, isn’t that price so high?’ But the thing is, it actually equals out to less than store prices. If it’s $30 for ten pounds, that’s three dollars a pound,” Watson said.

The truck often brings enough for walk-up orders, but staff prefers when customers reserve their favorite fruit ahead of time through the website, which will accept reservations for pounds or bushels up to a week before the scheduled delivery date. The truck will pass through Madison again on July 22.