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Fritters recipe makes okra OK for avoiding gooey texture

Here’s one of my unpopular food opinions: I like steamed whole okra. 

If the pods are less than 2 inches long and fresh from the garden, they are a tender bite of unique flavor when salted and steamed. And yes, that hallmark gooey texture is front and center with each bite.

Appreciating okra’s strengths has been a journey that started in childhood. Sliced-and-fried was the only way I ate okra, and the thicker the batter and crispier the fry, all the better for cooking away the mucilage.

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As my cooking adventures broadened, I found that sautéing sliced okra with diced onions in a couple of tablespoons oil was easier to prepare and slightly healthier, and the gooey texture was not noticeable.

That slimy quality, however, is an important characteristic when making a pot of gumbo, thickening the Cajun stew to give each spoonful more body.