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Former Victor Hugo’s restaurant in Oak Cliff gets new life as wine bar

Chef Sharon Van Meter — who has mentored so many chefs in Dallas, she has the nickname Grandma Chef — is opening a wine bar and casual restaurant that is bound to draw interest from her many foodie friends and fans.

Beckley 1115 will go into the former Victor Hugo’s space, at 1115 N. Beckley Ave. in Dallas. Perhaps the address-as-the-name is one of Van Meter’s signatures: She currently runs 3015 at Trinity Groves, an event space and commercial kitchen at 3015 Gulden Lane in Dallas.

The chef describes Beckley 1115 as “a great wine bar with locally-focused food.” Keeping prices low is important to her.

“COVID hit, and I started cooking at home a lot,” she says. “When I started going back out I realized, [restaurants] are kind of expensive.” Beckley 1115 is designed to be an ultra casual neighborhood spot where a glass of wine could cost as little as $5.

Van Meter couldn’t say who the chefs would be just yet, and it isn’t clear when the restaurant will open. But she’s excited about the neighborhood.

“This Plano girl fell in love with Oak Cliff when we were opening Taco y Vino,” she says, referring to owner Jimmy Contreras’ well-liked taco and wine bar nearby. Beckley 1115 will also be next-door Jonathon’s Oak Cliff, a comfort-food restaurant.

“Who could be a better neighbor?” Van Meter says of Jonathon’s. “There’s a line out the door all the time.”

In Van Meter’s 42 years in the restaurant industry, she’s been the executive chef for Neiman Marcus and the corporate chef for the Ritz-Carlton. Her first chef job was at La Francais, which was regarded as one of the best restaurants in the country, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Beckley 1115 will be at 1115 Beckley Ave., Dallas. Opening date is TBD.

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