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Farmers, distillers, retailers all benefit as people return to dining out

Restaurant owners make up a significant portion of Noble Cut Distillery’s customer base, so when restaurants shut down in the spring of 2020 and then faced coronavirus-related restrictions for nearly a year, the Gahanna liquor maker experienced steep revenue losses.

Coronavirus infections have fallen dramatically in recent months as more Ohioans received vaccinations, and now most COVID regulations are gone. As a result, the distillery is experiencing a renaissance of sorts as more diners, bars and taverns return to Noble Cut’s distribution list.

“Some of the customers we’ve been working with for years are starting to call back and order more products,” said Noble Cut Founder and Master Distiller Tony Guilfoy.

The liquor industry isn’t the only part of Ohio’s economy benefiting from the restaurant sector’s rebound. Farmers are selling more food and manufacturers are receiving more orders for silverware and glassware.