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Duluth restaurant association asks for relief money

DULUTH, MN — The Duluth Local Restaurant Association wrote a letter to Mayor Emily Larson and the city council requesting COVID relief funds to be given to local restaurants.

Tony Bronson, the association’s president, was the main author of the letter, which included a variety of rationale for the requested relief.

“What we’re hoping for this ARP money is that it’s going to allow us to not only survive right now but survive into the future as well,” Bronson said.

Bronson says the money could help them deal with staff shortages, supply chain challenges, and increasing costs.

Though Bronson stressed a critical need for this relief, he did not provide specifics as to how much funding the association seeks or what the money would be specifically used for.

Carla Blumberg, co-owner of At Sara’s Table Chester Creek Cafe, agreed there are Duluth Restaurants that need help, but said it should be given on a case-by-case approach.

“We personally do not need these funds, but I don’t think that is generally true of every restaurant business in Duluth,” Blumberg said. “I think there are some businesses that could certainly use some of these funds.”

The city has not commented on the letter yet.