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Creamy Chicken and Potato Curry with Tomatoes

Curry is one of my absolute favorite foods to eat, especially with white rice on the side. My parents are from Bangladesh, so curry is basically streaming through my veins, and I am perfectly okay with that! My parents and I are always creating new curry recipes as well as making old recipes that have been passed down in the family for years. If you are a curry lover, you’ll know that curry comes in all different shapes and sizes with a variety of spices as well. And if you are new to the curry family and want to experiment, this easy creamy tomato chicken and potato curry is the perfect recipe to get your foot in the door of the curry world.

Creamy Chicken and Potato Curry with Tomatoes


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This is one of my favorite curry recipes to make because it is so quick and easy. There aren’t that many steps in this recipe as compared to other curries. It also only requires one pot for all of the ingredients, which makes the cooking process that much faster. I decided to make this chicken and potato curry because these two ingredients blend so well together. The tomatoes add an extra source of flavor and antioxidants, and create a creamy texture. I hope you enjoy this ethnic dish as much as I do.