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You’ve been with me as both kids, Skinny Son and Mouse the Daughter, went from 13 and 6 to 37 and 30. The 37-year-old marries this month and I could not be more thrilled. The 30-year-old is in a constant state of exhaustion and works nights, but still manages to be a wonderful wife to her perfectly suited Kyle and mom to our littles, 6 and 4.

You know I think the best entertaining is food you prepare yourself, but you also know that even I can appreciate a good caterer sometimes, like this week for example. Too much is too much, and I even am willing to admit that occasionally. However I will bake the cake, because as I’ve said for years, I am baking my own cake because I want it to taste good. And you already know that it will be lemon.

I’m planning on more, not less, time in my ridiculously tiny kitchen.

I’m planning to continue to dream of a massive all-white kitchen with lemon yellow and light blue accents, just like Peggy Jane the Mom’s.

I’m planning on more, not less, entertaining.

I’m planning that all of our travel — and there is a lot — will still revolve around food, including the awful fast-food breakfasts my partner insists upon.

Mostly, I am planning to remember the kindnesses you have shown me through all of these years and all of these columns.