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Chicken wing prices soar at Jacksonville-area restaurants, markets

After spending much of the last year away from dining in at restaurants and sports bars, customers heading back to some of their favorite spots are finding something new: sticker shock.

Chicken wings — like toilet paper and semiconductor chips before them — are among the latest victims of supply chain issues, causing shortages and resulting in skyrocketing prices for Jacksonville-area restaurants — and in many cases, higher menu prices.

So far, Springfield’s Strings Sports Brewery hasn’t completely run out of wings, but it’s come close several times, owner Scott “String” Adeeb told the Times-Union.

“We have had occasions where we did not get what we ordered or did not get any wings but were still able to get some before we ran out,” said Adeeb, who opened the micro-brewery and restaurant two years ago after renovating a 1938 building the historic neighborhood north of downtown.

Other times, they’ve gotten smaller wings than ordered, Adeeb said. 

Kevin Roberts prepares an order of chicken wings at Strings Sports Brewery at 1850 N. Main St. in Jacksonville.

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“If the size is off a little bit, honestly, it doesn’t bother me. I’m just glad I got some wings delivered to me,” Adeeb said.

Chicken wings top the menu at Strings, which buys roughly 500 pounds a week.