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The Best Desserts to Shrink Belly Fat, Says Dietitian — Eat This Not That

Eating dessert when you’re trying to lose weight might sound like an oxymoron, but we take a different approach. Cutting out any food group has consequences—even dessert!

Have you ever noticed that as soon as you go on a diet, you suddenly crave all the foods that are off-limits? The longer we actively restrict certain foods, the more we crave them.

Letting these cravings go on for too long can actually backfire if you find yourself overindulging in the sweet stuff once you finally allow yourself to have it again.

That’s why we recommend incorporating dessert in moderation as

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11 Healthy High-Protein Lunch Recipes for Weight Loss — Eat This Not That

One of the hardest parts about weight loss is finding the time, energy, and creativity to try healthier recipes. If you’re someone who’s on the go quite often or is used to ordering plenty of takeout, trying to cook at home more in order to meet your weight loss goals can feel daunting.

This is especially true when it comes to figuring out what to make for lunch throughout the week. Many of us either get into a pattern of ordering out or settling for leftovers from dinner the night before. And while there isn’t anything inherently wrong with

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9 Best Dinner Recipes for Faster Abdominal Fat Loss — Eat This Not That

Your body needs fat for many different reasons, but there are some hidden dangers to having extra fat around your stomach area. This type of fat, also known as visceral fat, sits around your internal organs and has been linked to increasing your risk of things like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

Thankfully, there are ways you can reduce abdominal fat through incorporating healthier foods and more regular movement into your daily life.

Research shows that you can help shrink abdominal fat by eating meals high in protein and fiber while reducing your intake of added sugar, refined carbs,

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Substituting ingredients is a fun way to try new things — and make tasty recipes healthier. | Eat + Drink – Monterey County Weekly NOW

Swapping ingredients in a recipe is a common practice in the kitchen. You may be missing an ingredient – and therefore use oregano instead of basil – or it might be an addition, like making mashed potatoes incorporating sweet potatoes as well. Replacing an ingredient with something else can also turn your beloved recipes into a healthier version of themselves. It can be done to change flavors or textures, to reduce calorie count or to bump the recipe’s nutritional value.

“Food is comfort. Food is joy,” says Maggie Evans, a registered dietitian, nutritionist and certified diabetes educator at Community Hospital

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20+ Easy Chicken Recipes That Take 15 Minutes or Less — Eat This Not That

Is it just me or does it feel like there are never enough hours in the day? If you find yourself low on time but still wanting to make something homemade (and delicious) for your next meal then you are not alone. Thankfully, we have some simple solutions to this problem—21, to be exact. The key to making healthy and delicious quick chicken recipes is to embrace shortcuts. Find the best quality rotisserie chicken, stock up on healthy canned foods, and taste pre-made sauces to discover your favorites.

This list of 21 super-fast recipes includes burgers that are

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Food Trends That Will Explode in Popularity This Year — Eat This Not That

Fashion trends are—to an extent—planned out for us behind the scenes. Groups of designers and forecasters and, of course, representatives from the brands work together to select which colors, cuts, and looks will be emphasized in coming seasons, and in so doing, they largely control what many fashion-conscious people will be wearing, according to Vocast. In the culinary world, the ways new food trends come about are really quite similar to the fashion world.

Some food trends start among people and spread virally, such as the many TikTok recipes that have swept the globe in recent years,

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