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The #1 Best Smoothie for a Flat Belly, Says Dietitian — Eat This Not That

If you ever find yourself looking for a healthy snack option, smoothies are usually a good choice. Most smoothie recipes are quick and easy, and a blend of vegetables, fruits, and dairy products will generally serve to make you feel better refreshed, less bloated, and more ready for the day ahead.

However, some smoothies are better than others in helping you accomplish these missions. Curious what kind of smoothie would be the best? Here’s a recipe recommended by Roberta Duyff, MS, RD, FAND, a food, nutrition consultant, and author.

Duyff recommends making a tropical smoothie for a

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The Best Celeb Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe — Eat This Not That

There’s nothing like the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven. The sweet aroma perfumes your entire home with that nostalgic scent that takes you directly back to childhood. While some of our loved ones likely used family recipes that had been passed down for generations, others might have used the classic recipe that’s on the back of a bag of chocolate chips.

If you’re looking for a new chocolate chip cookie to try and are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of celebrity chef cookie recipes, don’t fret. I tried and tested popular recipes from Joanna

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Best Breakfast Recipes to Help Lower Blood Pressure — Eat This Not That

If you have high blood pressure, your doctor has probably instructed you to hone in on your diet. Besides family history and lifestyle factors like how often you exercise, many common factors that cause high blood pressure are rooted in diet, such as consuming too much sodium and fatty foods.

“Also called ‘hypertension,’ high blood pressure is when the force of your blood pushing against the walls of blood vessels is higher than it should be (normal is 120/80 which is a ‘systolic’ and ‘diastolic’ reading, elevated is 120-129/<80 and high is 130+/80+ and there are several stages

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7 Irish Soda Bread Recipes to Bake for St. Patrick’s Day

With about 5 minutes of prep concerned — and no rise time in any respect — it’s a startling straightforward but spectacular addition to any St. Patrick’s Day feast. So for those who’re cooking right this moment, volunteer to make the soda bread and provides one in all these recipes a attempt. You may discover that one in all these breads — from cheddar and herb to gluten-free and whole-wheat — turns into a part of your year-round recipe rotation.

Dylan's Irish Soda Bread

Dylan Dreyer

“This recipe truly was a present for my bridal bathe, from my husband’s great-aunt Toots,” says Dylan. “It

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Recipe: Simple Roasted Cabbage – Alabama NewsCenter

Cabbage must be certainly one of my favourite greens. Whether or not it’s fried, boiled, sautéed and even uncooked in issues like coleslaw, it’s simply at all times been a vegetable I actually like.

And we actually loved the flavour of roasted greens like my roasted inexperienced beans and Brussels sprouts, so it simply made sense to strive roasting some cabbage, too.

Y’all know I’m an enormous fan of including taste at each step and in each potential means, so whereas many recipes referred to as for olive oil, I swapped that for just a little liquid

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Relationship Websites for Marriage-Minded Singles (2021)

This on-line courting packages all give attention to completely different audiences, consequently it’s sensible that web courting websites for relaxed singles are completely completely different from courting websites for marriage-mind singles. The previous is often relaxed, looks-oriented, and funky, regardless that the second is way extra extreme, personality-driven, and selective.

In case you’re into deciding down, you will not find yourself being happy from the flaky chats and attempt to let’s-see-where-things-go vibes within the regular hookup app. It requires an much more scrupulous and quality-driven technique of produce a long-lasting relationship on an on-line courting website for relationship minded singles.… Read the rest