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Is It Time To Consider Buying Restaurant Brands New Zealand Limited (NZSE:RBD)?

While Restaurant Brands New Zealand Limited (NZSE:RBD) might not be the most widely known stock at the moment, it saw a double-digit share price rise of over 10{5057b528e2ec7fd6c3736aa134727341eae4fdf6dd188ded3c2a814c0866380c} in the past couple of months on the NZSE. As a small cap stock, which tends to lack high analyst coverage, there is generally more of an opportunity for mispricing as there is less activity to push the stock closer to fair value. Is there still an opportunity here to buy? Let’s take a look at Restaurant Brands New Zealand’s outlook and value based on the most recent financial data

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The three best restaurants in Belfast according to TripAdvisor

Belfast is known for its much-loved food scene, with restaurants catering to every taste you could imagine available right on our doorstep.

But when deciding which spot to try out next, many of us rely on reviews websites that rank restaurants such as TripAdvisor, with figures from 2019 showing the site has a whopping 456 million unique visitors worldwide every month.

TripAdvisor uses a “popularity index” to rank businesses, which determines guest satisfaction with the restaurant as a whole. This means restaurants won’t just be ranked by price, but instead other values such as quality, quantity, and how recent the

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Restaurants Grapple With WFH Stickiness

Work-from-home (WFH) is here to stay. With this dramatic change in how and where consumers are spending their days, restaurants are at a crossroads — these changes can be a challenge or an opportunity, depending on how well restaurants can adjust.

“It seems as though work life has changed forever,” Tim Tate, director of business development at New York City specialty coffee chain Think Coffee, told PYMNTS in an interview. “The amount of remote work job postings has skyrocketed, many businesses are selling

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20 Fast Food Restaurants Then and Now

The Original McDonald’s

Fast food has to change as quickly as the times to remain relevant. The drive-thru windows and super-sized meals of yesterday have to yield to the self-service kiosks and lighter, snackier diets of today even if fast-food restaurants just want to survive. We’ve taken a look at fast-food chains throughout the years and have seen some big changes in not only how they look, but what they serve.

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original McDonald's franchise, opened by Ray Kroc on April 15, 1955


Ray Kroc bought the original McDonald’s from the McDonald brothers after visiting in 1954 and founded McDonald’s as we know it in

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Dubai Floating Restaurant Saved From Sinking

a small boat in a body of water: Pictures: Dubai Floating Restaurant Saved From Sinking

© UAEMoments
Pictures: Dubai Floating Restaurant Saved From Sinking

Dubai Police, Civil Defense rushed to aid a floating restaurant as it began to sink in Dubai Creek. The teams were quick to rescue the vessel docked at Dubai Creek.

After the police received an SOS from the boat’s owner, the entire operation was completed in a record time.

a group of people standing on a dock next to a body of water: Pictures: Dubai Floating Restaurant Saved From Sinking

© e7awi
Pictures: Dubai Floating Restaurant Saved From Sinking

Dubai Police divers went under the vessel and attached the hoist rope of a

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The Best Seafood Restaurant for Takeout in Every State


No matter where you are in the United States — even in the most remote regions — tasty seafood options aren’t far away. Once you decide to forgo the national chains, get off the beaten path, and take a chance on some local favorites, you’ll have the chance to reel in the greatest food the sea has to offer. We scoured reviews and rankings by expert food writers and countless hungry customers to find one of the best seafood restaurants in each state.

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Note: Many of the restaurants on this list are

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