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Carvel New Line Of Churro-Inspired Treats Including Churro Cake Crunchies

Whether you’re on the hunt for a good ice cream cone or an even better ice cream cake, one place that’s always got what you need is Carvel. They never disappoint. In fact, what they’ve got in store now may even be better than the Chocolate Crunchies line they released earlier this year.

As you all should know, churros are cinnamon sugar covered fried dough that can literally change your life. Seriously. So trust me when I tell you this new Churro Crunchies line—which is available at Carvel shoppes right now—is one treat you’ll want to talk about.

Sweet, crunchy, and of course filled with creamy goodness that only ice cream can provide, this new line of limited-edition treats—which includes six new menu additions—delivers nothing but good feelings and a good time. To start, the Churro Crunchies To-Go are the star players of this roundup. Made with Carvel’s original vanilla Crunchies and coated with cinnamon and sugar flavors, this item is the one thing included in all of the other items.


The remaining limited-edition Churro Cruchies items are all made with ice cream and other delicious add-ons. The Churro Shake is made with Churro soft serve ice cream and blended with the Crunchies, while the Churro Sundae Dasher includes the soft serve mixed with layers of Churro Crunchies and mini Churro pieces with whipped cream and caramel toppings.

If that sounds too good to be true, don’t worry; there’s more! Churro Flying Saucers Rolled in Churro Crunchies (Flying Saucer crackers filled with Churro soft serve ice cream rolled in Churro Crunchies), Churro Soft Serve Ice Cream (a blend of soft serve and cinnamon and sugar flavors), and Churro Scooped Ice Cream (classic soft ice cream with cinnamon and sugar flavors, and min Churro pieces) are also available for you to enjoy.

With a menu this good, can summer really get any better? I think not!

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