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Best Meal Replacement Shakes (2021): Top Powder Drink Mixes

Meal replacement shakes are a convenient form of nourishment. Whether you’re in a hurry or losing weight, meal replacement shakes help you stay on track.

However, there are thousands of meal replacement shakes products available today – and not all are made equal.

Some protein powders label themselves as meal replacement shakes, for example. Other superfood powders claim to be meal replacement shakes.

A meal replacement shake should contain many of the same nutrients you get from a meal. It should contain calories, carbs, fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, and other compounds. It should leave you feeling full – not hungry.

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Homesick opens in former Brickwall Tavern space in Asbury Park NJ

Earlier this month, a new restaurant quietly opened on Asbury Park’s busy Cookman Avenue.

Homesick, next to Toast, is the newest venture from hospitality group Smith, which owns the city’s Pascal & Sabine and Porta, as well as a second Porta in Jersey City. The Homesick space was previously occupied by Smith restaurant Brickwall Tavern, which closed in December after 15 years in business.

Brickwall Tavern in Burlington City, which opened in 2015, closed in July. 

“When we closed in December, honestly, we were focused on the future,” said Mark Hinchliffe of Smith. “We weren’t in a place of, ‘Let’s

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Charlotte restaurant owners say post-COVID recovery will take years

Supperland in Plaza Midwood. Photo: Ted Williams/Axios

Right as COVID restrictions lifted, restaurant owners were hit with a new set of challenges that lengthened an already long road to recovery.

Why it matters: The restaurant industry runs on thin margins. Even small disruptions can cause big issues. The pandemic was a major disruption.

  • Now that restrictions are lifting, getting customers to restaurants and bars isn’t the problem, but supply chain and staffing issues are presenting new hurdles.
  • We’re already seeing longer-term changes through employee pay increases to attract workers, and hikes in menu prices to compensate for the increase in
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Mystery Ingredients & Endless Tears

If measured by total ccs of tears shed, this week’s Top Chef was the greatest Top Chef episode of all time. The crying, my God, the crying. If crying was bread, this episode would’ve been a Panzanella. And all of it because of what the contestants discovered about themselves while trying to please a persnickety supermodel with their elaborate fricassees. HAS THE CRUDO DISPLEASED YOU, MY QUEEN? SPARE MY LIFE AND I SHALL REDEEM YOU!

I don’t think that I’ve ever seen so many people crying without feeling at all moved to cry myself — maybe footage from a North

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Meet the teen who started the organic pet treat company at age 8

A young girl’s dream of treating animals like royalty has come true — thanks to lots of hard work.

When Ava Dorsey was 6 years old, she drew a picture of a palace. She filled each room not with fancy furniture and pampered princesses, but words like “Pet Restaurant,” “Animal Food” and “Animal Accessories.”

She’d drafted her first business plan.

Ava Dorsey drew up her first “job plan” for Ava’s Pet Palace when she was just 6 years old.Courtesy of Ava’s Pet Palace

“I’ve always loved animals and had a passion for helping them and just wanting to

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10 best recipe boxes and food deliveries sent right to your door

Homemade Indian food delivered on a bike – what’s not to like? (DabbaDrop)

The virtues of recipe boxes are almost endless. You get a food shop delivered to your door; you often don’t have to think about measuring or even chopping ingredients; food waste is minimal; it makes it easier to get your hands on top-quality produce; you can get specific diets and allergies catered to; and the recipes are often loved by kids both big and small. To many busy Brits, they make perfect sense.

Offerings range from classic boxes from the likes of organic produce stalwarts Riverford and

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