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Air fryer pasta chips are the easiest new TikTok trend. Here’s how to make them

Foodies on TikTok and Instagram are raving about an unexpectedly tasty new snack — pasta chips. From farfalle to rigatoni, it’s all fair game for this easy-to-master trend.

With so many recipes that utilize the swirling convection heat of an air fryer, this quick-and-easy one that transforms cooked, seasoned pasta into a crispy, dunkable bite has exploded in popularity.

The short-form video platform has millions watching and trying their hand at the viral dish in which cooks distill down a roughly 20 minute recipe into a 15-to-30-second clip. Each follows this similar formula: boil water; cook and strain pasta; dry and season with preferred ingredients; namely olive oil, lots of parmesan cheese and preferred spices or herbs; pop it in a 400-degree air fryer, tossing occasionally; and, once crispy and golden, serve with a simple dip or sauce such as marinara and enjoy the satisfying, ASMR-inducing crunch.

Take it from Feel Good Foodie founder and creator Yumna Jawad, who told “Good Morning America” that pasta chips “may be one of the most fascinating” food trends to date.

“I’ve been on TikTok for almost two years and I’ve tried so many trends. This one may be one of the most fascinating ones because you are essentially taking something crunchy, making it soft and then making it crunchy again. And it looks like everyone is biting into crunchy raw pasta. But instead it’s actually crispy, airy and absolutely addicting!” she said.

The Michigan-based “healthy-ish” recipe developer shared the short clip of how to make her version that garnered more than 13 million views on TikTok alone. (Psst, you can see her full recipe here.)

The hashtag on the popular social media platform has notched 38 million views, so here are a few more top videos to check out other riffs on the crispy snack.

One of the top, hugely popular TikTok food creators, Nick DiGiovanni, tackled the trend using deep fryer.

“After testing an original version with marinara sauce, I decided to make a version with a whipped feta dip,” he said of the dish featuring another viral ingredient. “Next, I’m working on a couple iterations including salt and vinegar, and buffalo! This is one trend that everyone needs to try because it’s fun, versatile and absolutely delicious.”

If you tackle this food trend or have your own riff on the recipe, share it with us by tagging “GMA” on Instagram, Twitter or TikTok and hashtag GMAFood.

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