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A Moveable Feast’s fruit salad serves fresh summer flavor | Life

With the onset of the summer season, light, fresh flavors are in favor. Ripe fruits and vegetables make for a refreshing treat in the sun.

According to Tanya Sergey, chef and owner of A Moveable Feast, 1178 Chapel Crossing Road, Brunswick, a crisp fruit salad can be an excellent side to any meal, but with a few simple ingredients, it can stand alone as a great summertime dish.

“Summer is about fresh, juicy, ripe and readily available. Summer fruits and vegetables are a wonderful complement to any meal, and make a wonderful meal on their own with the addition of a few simple ingredients like fresh herbs and citrus,” Sergey said.

She added that flavor is not the only factor she considers when crafting her fruit salads but also the texture and color of the fruit. There are several things to add to a fruit salad to give it a unique texture and flavor profile.

“Soft and plump blueberries pair well with juicy nectarines and crisp and sweet pieces of watermelon,” she said. “I like to combine all of those flavors and textures with the sharp taste of fresh basil, the earthiness of goat cheese, and then toss them all in a lite acidic citrus vinaigrette. The ultimate compliment to this salad is a piece of perfectly cooked honey broiled salmon.”

Fruit salad is best when served immediately while the fruits and vegetables are still fresh and crisp, she added.

“Fruit salad shouldn’t be kept around as leftovers. All the combined acids cook the fruit and usually don’t make a good repeat performance the next day,” Sergey said.

She said she would caution those creating their fruit salads to avoid sugary products that work as binders, such as sweet mayonnaise, marshmallows or jello.

“My personal preference is to avoid using anything my grandmother would have. Perhaps older generations were stuck with using canned fruits and had to come up with unique ways to serve them,” she said. “I believe the fruit should speak for itself.”

A Moveable Feast’s Summer Fruits Salad

2 cups of mixed baby greens

1 ripe nectarine pitted and cut into bite-sized cubes

10 1-inch cubes of seedless watermelon

1 tablespoon crumbled goat cheese

Citrus vinaigrette ingredients

1/4 tsp freshly ground pepper

Place all ingredients into a jar or bowl. Stir vigorously and strain to serve.

Combine lettuce, fruits, basil and cheese. Just before serving, drizzle with citrus vinaigrette.