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8 Saving Graces to Help You Hit Your Dry July Goals – E! Online

If this is your first time going dry, or you’re after some motivation to get you through July, here are Spendlove’s top tips to stay on track:

Tip 1: Set yourself a savings target. You can then treat yourself at the end of the month with something you enjoy or, better yet, donate the money you’ve saved to your Dry July, which will go towards helping people who are affected by cancer.

Tip 2: Drink your non-alcoholic beverages from a nice fancy wine glass – there is something about the action of drinking from a nice glass that makes the process so much more enjoyable.

Tip 3: Replace your usual alcohol drinks with mocktail recipes, kombucha, soda water or herbal tea.

Tip 4: Try to remove your temptations by not having a chilled, ready-to-open beer or bottle of wine sitting in the fridge – it’s far too tempting to crack one open after a long day after work. Do yourself a favour and clean out your alcohol supplies for the month and store it somewhere you can’t see them.

Tip 5: Tell your friends and family that you’re doing Dry July, and recruit them to help raise funds, awareness and reap the many benefits of taking a month off alcohol. You can invite them to join and sign up this year by visiting the Dry July website.