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7 lefty products to make any southpaw’s life way easier

Less than 10{5057b528e2ec7fd6c3736aa134727341eae4fdf6dd188ded3c2a814c0866380c} of the global population uses their left hand instead of the right because despite the clear advantage we southpaws have in sports, the benefits of left-handedness pretty much ends at party tricks and fencing.

With more than 700 million of us who swear they’re gonna burst a blood vessel if they have to open another can of beans with a cursed righty can opener, there’s got to be another way. That’s why we compiled together this list of seven lefty products for southpaws who actually want to contribute to the world without bringing on early onset carpal tunnel syndrome.

From kitchen tools to office supplies, and even a knife set, here are eight lefty products to make any southpaw feel seen.

Left-handed manual can opener

Left-handed manual can opener for $24.99

Left Handed Manual Can Opener, Orange Handle

Lefty’s The Left Hand Store


Righties just don’t understand the inherent frustration that comes with living as a lefty in a right-handed world. For the culinarily-inclined and amateur home cooks alike, there’s no stronger source of frustration than the can opener. This lefty can opener fits on the left side of the can (as opposed to the typical right-hand side) and rotates counter-clockwise, giving southpaws the power to open beans, corn, and tomato sauce without passing away from a rage-stroke. 

Lefty’s left-handed 2-cup glass measuring cup

Lefty’s left-handed 2-cup glass measuring cup for $21.99

Lefty’s Left-Handed 2-Cup Glass Measuring Cup

Lefty’s The Left Hand Store


You know what I love about this lefty measuring cup? It addresses the problem most righties — and lefties — don’t really think about in the kitchen: reading the measurements while holding the cup. In the past, all we could do was use our right hand, but this measuring cup changes the game by printing the measurements on the opposite side of the glass next to the ergonomically-designed lefty handle. Measuring liquids has never been more satisfying.

Right to left read tape

Right-to-left read tape for $19.99

Left Handed Tape Measure with Right-to-Left Read



So many of the issues facing lefties in the home improvement sector come down to the fact that most products aren’t made for our hands. Even simple ones like tape measures. Because of the number orientation, lefties see measurements as upside down, leading to a sore neck frustration. This lefty tape measurer rights this injustice by simply printing the numbers to read right-to-left. That means, when we hold the base of the tool in our left hand and pull out the metal tape with our right, we’ll see the numbers rightside up! I know what you’re thinking: this is harder to understand than the first 2 hours and forty-two minutes of Inception! It’s a heck of a lot easier than reading numbers upside-down.

Laptop bed tray

Sofia + Sam multi-tasking laptop bed tray for $49.96

Sofia + Sam Multi Tasking Laptop Bed Tray – Supports Laptops Up to 18 Inches – Walnut (Left Handed Tray)

Sofia + Sam


Fellow lefties, let us bask in the shared memory that was the one left-handed desk at school:

  1. You didn’t have to hunch over the wrong side of the desk.
  2. They were always clean, because you were the only lefty in class.
  3. The desk section always felt bigger, didn’t it?
  4. It was like you owned a desk! Just like an adult!

This Sofia + Sam laptop bed tray channels that lefty desk energy with a sleek design that accommodates southpaws. Everything you like about right-handed desks is now on the left! Mousepad? Left. Phone charging station? Best lefty desk ever, right? 


Moo’s hardcover notebooks for $19.99

MOO Hardcover Notebook


Whether it’s a bedroom book or spiral bound notebook, paper is another common source of southpaw rage. Moo quells that frustration with this stylish and practical notebook that keeps floppy pages from ruining your vibe. The secret is a method called “Swiss binding” that allows each page to lay truly flat on the table. No more frustrating spirals!

Prep knife set

Shun Hikari 2-piece prep knife set for $379.95

Shun Hikari 2-Piece Prep Knife Set


Williams Sonoma has more going for them than expensive barware and gourmet jams. While this gorgeous prep knife set wasn’t made exclusively for lefties, the ergonomically-neutral polished bolster provides an excellent grip for southpaws or otherwise.

Left-handed pens

Maped visio left-handed pens for $6.75

Maped Visio Left Handed Pens, Pack of 2

Maped Helix USA


Every southpaw has experienced the lefty ink stamp. It’s that dark blue or black smudge of ink that inevitably stains the side of your hand when using a pen. Yet another unfortunate side effect of not being able to see what you’re writing while you’re writing. “Et tu, hand?” This pack of lefty pens solve the age-old problem with a curved barrel that allows southpaws to see what they’re writing, while eliminating smearing in the process. It’s such an easy fix for such a widespread problem.