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21 Creative Hot Dog Recipes


Summer means plenty of us are grilling out, so it’s no surprise that July is National Hot Dog Month. And while little can compare with grabbing a tasty, traditional hot dog with mustard or relish from our favorite hot dog stand, this humble protein is capable of so much more. We’ve rounded up several no-bun-required recipes to get your creative juices flowing. (Hot dogs can be key to a frugal cookout. Check out these 10 Money-Saving Tips for the Backyard Grill Master.)

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corn cheese dip


Venturing into the great outdoors this summer? Hot dogs are an easy favorite to roast over an open flame, but this sinful mixture of hot dogs, corn, cheese, and green onions is beckoning for your best cast-iron pan. Red pepper flakes and jalapenos give it a kick, too.

Recipe: Delish

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hot dog pasta


We’re big fans of one-pot anything, so sign us up for this family-friendly recipe. It combines onion, tomatoes, parmesan cheese, green onions, heavy cream, and plenty of garlic for a comforting, easy weeknight meal.

Recipe: Tasty

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sausage or hot dog fried rice

Jian Fan/istockphoto

Fried rice blends well with chicken, shrimp, eggs, and plenty of other proteins, so why not hot dogs? Even picky kids may be intrigued enough by this quick, filling dish to expand their mealtime horizons.


corn dog muffins


We love muffins as much as the next guy, but carbs won’t fill you up at the beginning of a long day. In this recipe, it’s hot dogs to the rescue with some much-needed protein. Brown sugar adds sweetness to this cornbread-based mix.

Recipe: Allrecipes



Even humble hot dogs can get fancy with this stroganoff recipe. Fortunately, in this case, “fancy” doesn’t mean “hard” — just saute them with butter and onions, then add sour cream and parsley. Pair them with your favorite pasta for a quick weeknight meal.

Recipe: Simply Recipes

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hot dog and cheese pie


Banish thoughts of sweet dessert pies from your mind: This one is savory, cheesy, and easy as … well, you know what. Made with eggs, pancake mix, and onions, it would be equally tasty for breakfast or dinner.

Recipe: Betty Crocker

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hot dog tortilla


We’ve all heard of pigs in a blanket. Think of pigs in ponchos as their slightly more cultured siblings. Grilled poblano peppers, cheese, beans, salsa, and tortillas give them a south-of-the-border flavor.

Recipe: Rachael Ray In Season

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pretzel hot dog


There’s a reason pretzel dogs are a staple theme-park indulgence: They’re just that delicious. Choose from a hot dog surrounded by a simple sea-salt-sprinkled pretzel, or indulge in jalapeno cheddar, garlic butter, or pizza flavors.

Recipe: Tasty

hot dog sushi roll


Know someone who wrinkles their nose at the mere thought of sushi? This might just be the recipe that gets them over the hump. A mix of soy sauce and brown sugar adds a tangy sweetness. Sesame seeds are also an easy substitute for Japanese rice seasoning.

Recipe: Kimchi Mom



Make nachos into a main attraction instead of a mere appetizer by adding chopped hot dogs to the mix. Worcestershire sauce, chili powder, and cumin bring the flavor, while onions, cheese, sour cream, and salsa add extra layers of indulgence.

Recipe: Food Network

breakfast casserole


Stand aside, corned beef: Hot dogs are substantial enough to carry their own hash. This version calls for onions, peppers, garlic, and hot sauce, and the hearty result will hit the spot any time of day.

Recipe: Delish

hot dog macaroni and cheese


Whether you need a slam-dunk contribution for your next potluck or an easy dump-and-bake dinner, this super-simple hot dog casserole recipe will have you wondering why you didn’t think of it sooner.


korean hot dog


These sinfully deep-fried dogs, coated in a panko batter and dusted with sugar, are served up on a stick by street vendors in Korea. Top ’em with any condiment your heart desires.

Recipe: Kirbie’s Cravings

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hot dog salad


Love a classic Chicago dog? Savor the same flavors with this bunless version, perfect for anyone who’s watching their carbs. Diced pickles and peppers give it extra zing, while a honey mustard dressing provides a sweet finish.

Recipe: Tablespoon

grilled cheese hot dog sandwich


Grilled ham and cheese is a thing, so why not grilled hot dogs and cheese? Mustard and relish give this sandwich more grown-up appeal, but they’re easily left off to appease picky kiddos.

Recipe: Kraft

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Bacon Wrapped Smokies


This drool-worthy twist on the traditional cocktail weenie will have guests elbowing for a space by your slow cooker. There’s no barbecue sauce to be found; instead, a sweet brown sugar glaze balances the salty bacon.

Recipe: The Spruce Eats

hot dog pizza


Here’s a fun way to use up leftover chili, no bowls necessary. A pizza crust base also makes this a unique idea for a crowd-pleasing appetizer on game day.

Recipe: Taste of Home

hot dog curry


Hot dogs and a sweet, tangy sauce with just a hint of spice make this a gentle, kid-friendly introduction to the wide world of curry. Soak up the sauce with some freshly baked naan.

Recipe: Kitchen Simmer

grilled pineapple, pork, tomato skewer


This three-ingredient wonder is a simple way to ditch the buns and add a little nutritional value to your favorite summer indulgence. It’s also a cookout- or campfire-friendly way to feed kids and grownups alike.

Recipe: Food Network

quesadilla with mango salsa


A juicy hot dog is an easy substitute for chicken when you want to give quesadillas an unexpected twist. Sweet mango pico de gallo with a little bit of habanero takes it from pedestrian to menu-worthy.

Recipe: Kraft

shell pasta


Fans of ziti, stuffed shells, and other indulgent baked pasta dishes will want to give this hot-dog version a whirl. It includes all the usual comfort-food suspects, including plenty of cheese, garlic, and tomato sauce.


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